5 Summer Beauty Products I’m Loving

As fall quickly approaches I wanted to share some of my favorite summer beauty products that I’m currently loving. Over the last few months I’ve been testing out different skincare and beauty products.

Since postpartum, my skin has gone through it. The most recent issue has been dry patches (similar to eczema) so I’ve been trying to find the right products that help with that. I hope this blog post helps you. Feel free to share some of your favorite beauty products in the comments.

$45 @ Sephora

Fresh rose water toner is SO good. I had forgotten why I stopped using it. But I was quickly reminded why I loved it so much. It’s very light on the skin and leaves my skin feeling super soft. Not a huge fan of the smell. But that seems like a trend when it comes to toners. Highly recommend it.

$16 for travel @ Ulta

As I briefly stated, I’ve been experiencing random dry patches on parts of my face. mehhhh The moisturizers I was using wasn’t doing it for me. So after a little digging I stumbled on this Ultra repair cream from First Aid Beauty. I was sold by the ingredient oatmeal. I remember using an oatmeal based body wash for my son when he had baby eczema. It helped; so I had high hopes for this cream. As expected, it did what it needed to do. It was super moisturizing and helped clear up my dry patches. I decided to get the travel size first to see if I liked it. I will be going back to get the larger size.

$24 @ Sephora

I’m a hugeeee fan of Laneige products. After testing one of their mini kits during the winter, I quickly became a fan. From the glowy lip balm to the hydrogel sleeping mask. Laneige products are THAT girl. This lip sleeping mask is high on my favorites list. There’s never an excuse to have dry lips lol especially with this mask. One of the reasons I love it so much is because it’s a lazy girl dream. You just put it on before bed and boom; wake up to soft lips. No tools, no extra steps. Perfect.

Even though it’s a technically a “sleeping” mask, if my lips are a little parched I like to put some on throughout the day or before I do my makeup to make sure they are prepped and ready!

$36 @ Sephora

Babyyyy If you don’t have sunscreen in your skincare routine.. then what are you doing? no seriously. Sunscreen is just as important as your face wash. If not more important. It helps to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. It’s also important to wear sunscreen everyday. not just when you expect to be in the sun. yes, even those cloudy days. Even when you’re in the house. Come on friend… we do not want to damage are skin. And we also want to protect our skin from getting wrinkly. Super Goops Unsunscreen has become a fav of mine. It has an SPF of 40 which is amazing. It melts right into my skin without leaving a white/purple ish cast.

Another SPF that I love is the Tula Protect+ Glow Daily SPF. It gives you that healthy glow. Whichever one you decide to try, just please make sure you add a SPF to your regimen.

$68 @ Sephora

The last product I’ve been loving is Tatcha Rice Polish. I have been a fan of Mary Kay’s microdermabrasion scrub for yeeeears, and I still am. But I wanted to try something new. Kinda wanted to just see if there was anything better out there. After talking to one of the Sephora sales reps, I decided to try the Tatcha exfoliator. It’s super gentle on the skin but leaves my skin baby soft without stripping it. I love the concept of the rice exfoliators and being able to adjust the thickness/thinness with water. the product is in a powder form, and you just add water to make it as thin or thick as you want it.

Sold @ Ulta $16.00

Now I know I know, the Tatcha polish is on the pricier side. A more affordable alternative that I also like is Good Molecules Pineapple exfoliating powder. works the same way as the Tatcha polish, but for half the price.