Piña Colada anyone?! I know flights are high… that doesn’t mean you have to wait. Bring the vacation vibes straight to your front door. Instantly escape to your favorite tropical island, sipping this delicious Piña Colada. This was so good and easy to make. Let’s get into it 

What you’ll need 
1/2 cup of @tropicana_juices Pina colada juice (froze the night before)
4-5 Frozen Pineapple chunks
3 heaping TBSP of Creme of Coconut (Coco Lopez)
2 oz of @bacardi White Rum optional 
Juice of 1/2 lime 

This made 2 servings (adjust accordingly if you plan to make more)

Combine ingredients and blend until completely smooth

Pour frozen Pina colada and add a floater shot (of dark rum bottle) for a little razzle dazzle 

Note- For the glass police, know this the wrong glass lol it’s what I had. Don’t come for me. Y’all still gone get this drink content. Purrrrrr 💁🏽‍♀️