Seafood Stuffed Salmon

I know, I know.. I’ve been gone for a minute. But for good reason. Lol but that’s a story for another day. Anywhooo I posted a picture of this Salmon to my story and the people went CRAZY in my dms! so it’s only right that I bring it to the blog. This salmon is juicy, flavorful and delicious. With bites of crab and cheese in every bite. Babyyyyyyy you have to try it.

My dms went crazy for this recipe so you know I had to deliver. And just for y’all, I put measurements 😉 I hope you guys enjoy!

What you’ll need to make Seafood Stuffed Salmon

  • Atlantic Salmon fillets (I prefer thicker slices with a nice width)
  • Crab claw meat or lump crab meat. (I prefer lump crab)- 1/2 cup of Spinach- 5 cloves of garlic- 1 block of softened cream cheese- 1/2 cup of Parmesan Cheese- 1/4 cup of Italian cheese mix- 2 stalks of chopped green onions- the juice of 1 lemon -4 tbs of butter
  • Seasonings– garlic powder- onion powder- Old Bay, Tony’s Creole seasoning- cayenne pepper- salt- pepper
  • In a hot pan, add some olive oil and sauté your spinach. Once the spinach begins to cook, add in your garlic and seasoning of choice (I used Tony’s, and some garlic powder and a little salt)
  • Next add softened cream cheese to a bowl and add your spinach mixture.
  • NOTE– Allow your spinach mixture to cool before adding it to your cream cheese.
  • Next season your cream cheese mixture. Using, garlic powder, onion powder, Tony’, Smoked Paprika, Old Bay, Cayenne Pepper and mix well
  • Add about a handful of shredded Parmesan Cheese and Crab meat and fold into the filling mixture
  • Finish off by adding in green onions and a squeeze a half of lemon into the mixture.
  • Rinse your salmon and pat dry To create pockets; make sure you cut in the center of each fillet horizontally, so both top and bottom have the same thickness
  • Stuff salmon with about 1-2 spoonfuls of the filling. (don’t be stingy)
  • Once filled, season each fillet and massage seasoning into the creases and crevices.
  • Cook on 400 degrees for about 25 min. then turn on broiler for about 5 mins until golden brown.
  • Once finished, squeeze the other half of lemon over the salmon.
  • Serve with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

    Not much of a reader, no problem– check out my video below.

If you try my Seafood Stuffed Salmon I’d love to hear your feedback. Please be sure to leave a comment, and/or tag me on Instagram @cookwithci. I would love to see your recreations and hear your thoughts.