Better than take-out Mongolian Beef

Need some inspo for dinner? Don’t worry, I gotchu!! Better than take out, Mongolian beef. In 30 minutes! Gone head and put in that @instacart order so you’ll be ready when you get home. 

Seriously one of the best dishes I’ve made. It’s tender. Flavorful! Spicy. Garlicky! Crazy good.

What you’ll need
Flank steak
•½ onion
•6-8 cloves of garlic
•Green onions
•Chili peppers
•White pepper
•ginger paste or fresh ginger
Corn Starch slurry 

•Oyster Sauce
•Dark Soy Sauce
•Light Soy Sauce
•Brown Sugar
•Sesame Oil
• Red chili flakes 

(Eyeball the sauce measurements depending on how much you’re making!)

Serve over a bed of Jasmine rice and Enjoy! xoxo

Did you make it?

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